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MEP Building Systems for ACAD 2007-2014

The MEP Building System contains all of the building systems in a single system as indicated in the menu. When loaded into ACAD, all CAE-Link building design systems are available for use. The system includes the following:

Layer Utilities
DwgTab Manager
Noting Utilities

Plumbing Isometrics

The MEP drop-down menu provides the means of navigation to each of these systems. Once in a system, all of the features contained within the system is available for use. Noting is unique to each system because Noting has it's own layer scheme for each discipline.

To see the features contained in each system, navigate from the home page to each system. When complete, download only MEP to install all systems.

License Options

The download file contains MEP 2014 software. If you currently have a copy of MEP for ACAD 2007-2014, these files will provide an update to that version. If you have a current subscription license for MEP, this update will be at no cost but will require a new license code for ACAD 2014. Please NOTE, if you do NOT have a subscription, you may purchase one or request an evaluation license code.

  1. If you have a current subscription, go to the License page and apply for your new license code. When applying, be sure to select "Replace Subscription License" within the License Type option. In the replace description, please indicate you are updating to MEP 2014. Also be sure to provide all information requested in the form to insure a quick response.
  2. If you DO NOT have a subscription or your subscription has expired, go to the Purchase page to purchase your subscription otherwise you will receive an evaluation license code. Please be sure to provide all information requested to insure a quick response.

If you are a first time user, CAE-Link Corporation will provide you with a 30-day evaluation license at no cost or obligation to you. Simply go to the License page to apply for your evaluation license code.

Version 2014 is compatible with ACAD 2007-2014 with a single installation.

Download Version 2014 (x86 and x64)             MEP_2014.exe  (Updated 9-16-2015)

Compatible with x86 and x64 for XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Installation Instructions

  1. If ACAD is running, close it.
  2. Complete our License request form or the Purchase form to get your license code for MEP. This form must include all the requested information for us to properly respond to your request. Evaluation license codes will be active for a 30-day period at no cost.
  3. Once you have your new license code, download MEP_2014.exe from above. To install directly from the web, select Open. If you prefer, select Save and place the file in a temporary directory.
  4. If you saved the file, go the the file location and double click on the file. The EXE is a standard installation program which is very quick and compact.
  5. During the installation, the first requirement is to provide the license code. We recommend you copy the code from your email and paste it into the request. Once the code is accepted, continue and respond to the installation wizard questions. If no code is entered, installation will be discontinued.
  6. Start ACAD and select "Tools/Load Application..." from the menu. For ease of future loading, be sure to check "Add to History" and select the History List tab. Now, find and double click the file "c:\program files\caelink\load_MEP.lsp" and select Close.
  7. The system will load and the MEP Utilities will be available for use.

NOTE: If you have been using the Drawing Manager (Tabs), insure you have only one drawing open prior to performing the installation. If more than one drawing is loaded, the system will prompt of an error condition and provide corrective instructions. When the error occurs, the system will stop loading. When this occurs, close ACAD and re-start it. This will allow the new system to properly install in all open drawings.

If you encounter any problems with installation or using the system please email your problem or concerns to

Thank you for your support and use of CAE-Link products.

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