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Drawing Tabs / Manager for ACAD 2007-2015

FREE Utility

Drawing Tabs/Manager place navigation tabs and the Drawing Manager at the bottom of the ACAD edit window as displayed below for the Drawing Tabs.

The tabs are present whenever you have a drawing open in ACAD. To navigate from one drawing to another when multiple drawings are open, all you have to do is select the appropriate tab.

This is a free utility. Drawing Tabs were originally developed for incorporation into the CAE-Link Dwg Manager system. The two are now integrated into one with the drawing manager placed on the same line as the drawing tabs. To activate the options available for the drawing manager and the drawing tabs, place the cursor over the drawing tabs bar (not on a tab) and press the secondary mouse button. The options will be displayed in a pop-up menu.  CAE-Link Corporation has elected to provide this utility as a free utility for the ACAD community. This is a utility that should have been a part of ACAD years ago.

Version 2015 is compatible with ACAD 2007 - 2015 with a single installation.

Download - Version 2015 (x86 and x64)      DwgMan_15.exe   (Updated 6-23-2015)

Compatible with x86 and x64 for XP, Vista and Windows 7

Installation Instructions

  1. If ACAD is running, close it.
  2. Install DwgMan directly from the web by selecting Open when prompted. If you prefer, select Save and place the file in a temporary directory.
  3. If you saved the file, go the the file location and double click on the file. The EXE is a standard installation program which is very quick and compact.
  4. Respond to the installation wizard questions. Once installed, start ACAD and the system will be loaded and the Layer toolbar will be displayed.
  5. DwgMan will install the system into the user's application directory. The installation will create several files named "cl-DwgMan_xxxx-xxx.arx" where "xxxx" is the version of ACAD you are using such as ACAD 2007. This will use DwgMan_2007-x32.arx. When installed, DwgMan will be activated in ACAD and no further installation is required.

If you encounter problems with the installation or using the system please email your problem or concerns to support@caelink.com

Thank you for your support and use of CAE-Link products.

Remove:  To remove the the Drawing Manager utility, secondary click on the tab bar (not a tab) and select "Remove" from the pop-up menu or type "cl-dwgman.cl-remove" at the command prompt. You will be prompted by a verification dialog to insure this is the option you want to execute.

DwgMgr Options:  To set the Drawing Manager options, secondary click on the tab bar (not a tab) and select "Options..." from the pop-up menu.  The options displayed provide the ability to position the tabs at the top or bottom of the drawing editor and to display the file icon in the tab. Default settings will display the tabs at the bottom of the window with the icons off.

This is a free utility. We hope you enjoy using it and will let us know how it works for you, or what we can do to improve it for you. Your input is very important to us for future development effort. Thank you your support.


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