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AutoCAD Classic Menu

 To return to the ACAD classic menu, select the menu “Tools \ Workspaces” and then “AutoCAD Clasic”. 

Classic Menu Bar

To display the classic menu bar

  • Right-click on the Quick Access toolbar, and click Show Menu Bar. 

  • Command entry:  MENUBAR and set it to 1 


  • To close the ribbon, enter ribbonclose at the Command prompt.

  • To re-open the ribbon, enter ribbon at the Command prompt. Be patient, this will take a little time. 

ACAD Variables

Dyntooltips       Turn dynamic on from the bottom toolbar. Under Dyn, select settings and turn the dynamic input off. 

 Command entry:  DYNMODE and set it to 0 to turn all dynamic prompts off. 

AcadLspAsDoc  Controls whether the acad.lsp file is loaded into every drawing or just the first drawing opened in a session. 


Loads acad.lsp into just the first drawing opened in a session


Loads acad.lsp into every drawing opened

Tooltips  Controls the display of tooltips on toolbars.


Turns off the display of toolbar tooltips


Turns on the display of toolbar tooltips

Dynmode  Turns Dynamic Input features on and off.


All Dynamic Input features, including dynamic prompts, off


Pointer input on

2 Dimensional input on
3 Both pointer input and dimensional input on

Qpmode  Sets the on or off state of Quick Properties palette.


Turns off the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects. When turned back on by clicking Quick Properties on the status bar, QPMODE is set to 1


Turns on the display of the Quick Properties palette for all objects

2 Turns on the display of Quick Properties palette only for objects that are defined in the Customize User Interface (CUI) Editor to display properties
Note:  When this system variable is set to a negative number, the feature is turned off but the value is retained.

ViewCube:  Typical ViewCube

If you are working mainly in 2D and the ViewCube is getting in your way, you can turn it off by entering NAVVCUBE at the command line and setting it to OFF. This is a per-viewport, per-drawing setting so if you want to disable this feature for future drawings, be sure to change it in your template drawing(s).

If you just want to adjust the ViewCube settings, choose the S option when you run the NAVVCUBE command.

Also, the following system variables are related to the ViewCube

  • NAVVCUBEDISPLAY - Allows you to control when the ViewCube is displayed.
  • NAVVCUBELOCATION - Controls location of ViewCube.
  • NAVVCUBEOPACITY - Controls the opacity of the ViewCube tool when it is inactive.
  • NAVVCUBEORIENT - Controls whether the ViewCube reflects WCS or the current UCS.
  • NAVVCUBESIZE - Controls the size of the ViewCube.

AutoCAD 2014 Tips



You would like to know how to turn the file tabs on and off in AutoCAD.


On the command line in AutoCAD, use the FILETAB command to turn on the file tabs and the FILETABCLOSE command to turn them off. Keep in mind also that CTRL-TAB will cycle through your open drawings.


AutoCAD Products







Loads executable files without warning. This option maintains legacy behavior, but is not recommended.


Loads executable files only if their location is in the trusted locations specified in the TRUSTEDPATHS system variable. Displays a warning during load requests from executable files that are not in trusted locations.


Allows executable files to be loaded only if their location is in the trusted locations specified in the TRUSTEDPATHS system variable.